4 Epic Games with Intriguing Historical Themes & Strategy

Do you love playing games that bring history to life with stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and fantastical themes? The gaming arena is brimming with titles with intriguing historical themes, from Ancient Rome and prehistoric empires in ancient China and Japan to medieval Europe and the kingdoms of colonial powers.

Games with historical themes revolve around historical legends immersive with tactical strategies that allow players to enjoy a dominating role in history. Playing these epic games feels a lot like rewriting history as the main character from the comfort of your gaming chair or couch.

Read on to discover some epic games with riveting history themes and tactical strategies.

1.    Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV is one of the most nerve-wracking and challenging tactical strategy games ever developed, and it demands seasoning gaming skills to progress through the numerous levels. The gameplay is a stellar combination of history and fantasy, intricately woven to tell an intriguing tale laced with mystery and suspense.

The storyline is complex and demands minute attention to detail to remember all the trivia necessary to win. Suppose you want to test your mettle at an intensely stimulating and thought-provoking strategy game. In that case, Europa Universalis will prove utterly delightful.

Rather than boring the audience with tedious battlefield sequences, the game revolves around savvy resource management strategies, efficient organizations, and research tools. The players who upgrade their technology while staying true to their traditional characteristics succeed.

2.    Assassin’s Creed

A true classic with millions of avid fans worldwide, Assassin’s Creed has reinvented historical interpretation and fantastical themes in the realm of virtual gaming. This epic franchise is much like a time travel machine allowing players to travel to multiple eras, from Renaissance-era Italy and Victorian-era London to the tumultuous events of the American Revolution.

The recent releases have done a tremendous job at elevating the storyline, infusing it with impressive tools, such as the Discovery Tour. This tool allows players to eliminate all irritating distractions, such as the recurrent fetch-quests and long-drawn combat sequences that keep players from immersing themselves in the historical details.

3.    Total War: Shogun 2

The Total War series is a widely celebrated historical strategy game, and Shogun 2 is the most critically acclaimed sequence of this popular franchise. The sequel to the main saga, Shogun 2 takes players from Ancient Rome and transports them to the political chessboard of medieval Japan.

Players who enjoy peeling off suspenseful layers of historical trivia and political intrigue will find this game insanely addictive. The storyline revolves around the events following the Onin War, allowing players to become warlords vying to build vast and powerful empires.

The game involves complex war tactics, managing battlefield resources, negotiating settlements, diplomatic skills, spycraft, and hiring assassins. The graphics are rich and immersive, featuring heroic warriors, secretive ninjas, and gorgeous geishas who serve as deadly assassins.

4.    Casino Tycoon

Here’s something fun and exciting for casino enthusiasts and card game lovers: Casino Tycoon is the perfect game to live out your Godfather fantasy with a central role. Developed by ace developers Davilex Games and Monte Cristo, this video game is loosely based on the Godfather movie franchise.

The authors were heavily inspired by the Godfather trilogy, and crime is the dominating theme of this action-packed poker game. The main character is named after the legendary actor Marlon Brando, who is placed in charge of a small-scale gambling den.

Marlon Brando’s challenge is transforming the mediocre gambling lair into a glamorous, multi-million dollar establishment. As the main character sets out on his mission to create a world-class casino, he encounters many challenges.

The storyline is complex and packed with responsibilities, such as overseeing operations, recruiting and firing staff, taking care of the casino guests, and expanding the gambling empire. The game doesn’t involve playing poker, but rather, it allows you to run a casino and build a humble gambling arena into a staggering business empire.

Players who’d rather play a realistic and interactive game of poker or would like to be on sports can check out online platforms like NetBet to explore classic and innovative card games.

Final Thoughts

There’s an endless variety of titles that rely on historical timelines and ancient periods to weave riveting storylines that keep players hooked to the gameplay. The Age of Empires is another epic saga with multiple sequels to keep you delighted with fascinating historic trivia blended with fantasy.