Do You Want to Participate in Sports Betting and Earn Bonuses Too?

You can find plenty of online sports betting and casino sites on the web and they are part of the multi-billion-dollar industry, where people from all over the world regularly participate and also earn money.

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You can always find any safe site where you too can participate, however you must do proper research before you register yourself. Most of these sites also offer an attractive bonus too for joining and participating on their website. However, you must understand that all these bonuses and gifts are offered under certain conditions.

Quite a few websites also have loyalty programs too, if you continue to participate in their programs and continue to bet too.

Types of bonuses offered

  • Sign-up bonus

All sports betting sites will offer Sign-up bonus, which is most basic bonus offered to customers while joining the program. You can use this bonus for participating in the betting too.

  • Free bets

Another way of rewarding the players is by offering free play or free bet. Participant gets an opportunity to play few games or wagers which otherwise people will not like invest their own money.

  • No deposit-bonus

Participant who has set up his new account are offered this bonus that is credited to their account, so that they can try few games without depositing any money. However, you can withdraw under certain criteria only.

Loyalty rewards programs

  • Points

Points are offered for any of the following:

  • Frequency of play
  • Money wagered
  • Amount of losses
  • Average amount wagered/bet
  • Prizes

Few loyalty rewards programs can be chosen by the participants where they will be offered certain gifts to their consumers, which will be based on their activities.

  • Cashback

Another common loyalty rewards that is offered is cash back bonus where money back for all losses that are usually found most commonly in those rewards programs that are tier-based.

  • Free bets

Such bets are rewarded at random basis when gambler will reach a certain tier like for any holidays, or any account anniversaries. However, most commonly free bets are given out as the bettors will hit previously specified amounts of money lost.