Guide to playing roulette like a pro player

Table games are highly popular among casino lovers, and one of the most sought-after table games is roulette. But, without any knowledge about the game rules and strategies, you may feel intimidating. By learning these rules, you will have the potential to win big. Before competing with other players at the gaming table online NetBet you must learn some strategies.

Placing your roulette bets

Roulette players have to know about two types of bets- inside and outside bets. The terms- outside and inside refer to the position where you place the bets. Bets placed on some numbers are inside bets.

Find the list of the common inside and outside bets for the casino game..

The major inside bets are-

  • Split– It covers 2 adjacent numbers, and the chip will be on the shared edge.
  • Street– Also known as the line bet, it includes 3 numbers on a vertical line.
  • Straight– It comprises a single number, and the chip must be over a number.
  • Corner– It covers 4 numbers in a square.
  • Trio– It is a 3-number bet with 2 adjacent numbers.
  • Double street– It includes 2 adjacent vertical lines

Some outside bets include-

Low and high

Your bet will be on numbers ranging from 1 to 1. In case of the high bet, it can be 19 to 36. When the ball hits the chosen range of numbers, you will be the winner.

Even and odd-

You can bet on any odd and even numbers (not zero).

Red and black

It is another bet that you can place on any number. The winning number will include the colour you have chosen.


You can bet on any square of 12 numbers.

Some useful tips for roulette players

  • Some players think of betting hot numbers. The term indicates the numbers recently won by other players. However, this trick may not always guarantee results.
  • While playing American roulette, there is around 5.3% house edge. In case of European roulette, it is about 2.7%.
  • Inside bets can be highly volatile. Though there is a lower payout, you have a chance of winning frequently.
  • Focus more on minimum bets- With a tight budget, you have to look for roulette tables that offer lower bets. On the contrary, high-stake players can choose high-roller roulette tables.
  • Do not pay attention to the progression bets- The adjustment of the bet size after every bet is known as progression. Progression can be negative (decreasing bet size) and positive (increasing bet size). Some roulette enthusiasts wait for a trigger before applying the betting progression strategy. But, it may not help them to win the game. Every spin is not related to the subsequent one. Since your last, you cannot find any effect on odds.
  • You can choose the column-betting strategy to bet on red/black and high/low. Column bets can increase your bankroll very fast.

You can now apply these tips for winning the roulette game online. The best casino site has several other table games for you.