Live three card poker: Gameplay

Each live card game of this three-card poker usually starts with the player indulging in this particular card game of poker, placing a wager or otherwise commonly referred to as ante. This is usually a compulsory wager that the player in this variant game of three-card poker should place before they are dealt with the cards. Maximum bet limits and the minimum bet limits are practically applicable here. The players in this game are also capable of making either two or even one optional bonus wagers.

The dealer in this game then, later on, announces that there will be no more wagers to be placed, and the game begins. Each player who has sat at the table is then dealt with three cards that are typically face up revealed to everyone on the table, that is, except for the dealer’s cards, which are usually dealt face down and hidden to everyone else.

After each player has examined their cards, they have the choice to either make a play wager, which has to be equal to the ante wager that they had initially placed, or to fold that is deciding not to continue, and therefore, they are practically forfeiting any wagers that they had previously placed. The poker players head to head against the poker dealer with the play wagers and the ante wager.

The hands of the dealer are then revealed to everyone at the table. It will require a queen high or better for the dealer to player. Thereby the dealer will probably announce the dealer plays with a queen or opt to say that the dealer does not play. This is all depending on the hands that they are in possession of.

Suppose the dealer possesses less than a queen high the ante bet pushes, and the pay bet is paid in the ratio of one.

However, suppose the dealer’s hands are qualified to the player, the player’s hand is then taken into comparison with that of the dealer’s hands, and the person between them who possess a higher-ranking poker than the other wins the games.

Suppose the player was the one who had the hand with the highest-ranking poker; both the play bets and the ante bets pay even money.

But if the highest-ranking poker hand were that of the dealer, then the player in this game losses both the play bets and the ante bets.