Progressive Jackpot Slots Vs Traditional Slots

Online Progressive slots are hugely popular at the moment and you’ve come to the right place to know everything you need to know about them. Most online casinos offer progressive slots as they are very popular at the moment and attract a lot of players which the casinos obviously love.

The biggest slots with the biggest money jackpots are definitely progressive slots and that is the number reason they are so popular at the moment.

So, what is a progressive slot game?  The main difference compared to traditional slot games is the jackpot.  With progressive slots the jackpot Rises because a percentage of every bet that someone makes goes towards the jackpot and because it’s not a fixed amount it is continually changing.

A big problem for casinos is the physical space that they need for all the slot machines and they can take up to 70% of a casinos floor space.  In the online casino community, they don’t need the physical space to link all the different games and players, it is the software that matters.

There are a couple of different types of progressive slot machines online or in a casino

Stand-alone Progressive slots so bets that are placed on that machine and only that machine contribute to that amount. But if you link machines in the real world or online every bet you or anyone else makes contributes to the jackpot. With millions of players contributing to the jackpot it can grow to a colossal amount of cash. What’s more is that networks connect to multiple online casinos so you will find them at jokerslot mobile casino and on the casino’s competitor sites.

How to start

Once you sign up for a reputable online casino head to the progressive slots and start playing but remember to hit the max bet button so your bets have a chance of winning the huge jackpot

There are generally two different types of progressive jackpots those are – networked across a game or across several different casinos and there are progressive jackpots that are stand alone and not linked to any other game or Casino. Because a percentage of each bet goes to the progressive jackpot the jackpot can increase very rapidly to huge amounts and once the jackpot is won the jackpot then reverts back to $0 or a set amount and starts to grow all over again.

The jackpots can be won at random or can be one specific symbol combination that must appear on the pay reels

Progressive slots have the biggest jackpots, and they go from thousands all the way to the millions and it depends how long it takes for someone to hit the jackpot. Anything that is paid out comes from the different jackpots. The big jackpot is the top prize but there are plenty of smaller rewards as you play that come from the small and medium prize pools. What’s more is you can find them at multiple online casinos.

For a chance of winning the jackpot you need to bet the full amount each time, a good tactic is to wait for an opportunity when the jackpot is really high. Winning small amounts will keep you going in the short term but if you want a real chance of winning the huge jackpot, start playing when the jackpot is at a really huge amount as this is normally when the jackpot busts and someone wins… hopefully you!

These progressive slot games regular payout millions in prize money but remember the vast majority of people never win these prizes …unfortunately.

 Some important tips

Always play at reputable casinos that offer bonuses and make sure you use the bonuses as these are always very worthwhile.

Always remember to stick to your bankroll and to stop playing, even when players win and are very much ahead, they don’t stop and keep playing until all their winnings are gone, remember the casinos make these games very addictive on purpose to keep you playing so even if you do win, you’ll eventually lose your money to the casino which is what they want.

These online casino games are fun and the progressive jackpot games really do give a great incentive to play as winning the jackpot can be life changing, but never lose what you can’t afford to lose that’s the important thing to remember.

Also, many online casinos offer Progressive blackjack, poker and roulette if those type of games are more to your taste.