What Is Meant By Straight Bets in Sports Betting

Straight bets are bets made on sports that involve a point spread. Examples of such sports are basketball or football. Sportsbooks will either remove or add remove points to the overall team score to even out the odds. In a straight bet, the objective of the sportsbook is to create even betting.

This article tells you more about straight bets in sports betting.

What Are Straight Bets?

In the case of a straight bet, point spreads are used to even out the odds. It is used in specific low scoring sports that use money line betting. In this case, the line is always negative.

Some of the examples of sports where you can place a straight bet are hockey, baseball, etc.  The major difference between the 10 & 11 is the house take. The house makes $1 on every $11 bet.

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What Are Point Spreads?

Point spreads mostly alter before game time, but the point spread stays the same.  When a team matches the point spread, then the bet is considered as a ‘push’. The original wager is repaid to the bettor.

About Straight Bet Odds

In most of the cases of online and live sportsbooks, straight bet odds are specified at 11/10. This implies that for every $11 that you bet, you can easily win $10 more.

To make the calculation simple, bookies generally use $100 as the baseline in place of $10. In the case of sports betting, a negative line indicates the total amount needed to place a wager for making a $100 profit.


Straight bets may confuse a beginner but it is considered to be the bread butter for any serious sports bettor. Contemplating on this strategy will make you ready to begin making wagers.